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Conversations between real people about real safety issues and how best to take the govening legislation and apply it practically in the workplace. 

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Guess who's back?
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About the pod

Hi, I'm Tom Bourne. I have been delivering health and safety training for several years. The podcast was initially aimed at continuous improvement in my teaching practice from talking to people from industry about what they want taught in safety. 

But then I also realised how much I like talking to people about safety, and that a lot of people I talk to have some great experiences and stories that should be heard. I have over the years been lucky enough to meet and teach some amazing people, So let's chat. 

If you have something to share, something that the world should hear about, an experience, or are working on something exciting then contact me at healthandsafetyconversations@gmail or use the contact form at the bottom of this page and let's have a conversation together. 

The Pod is freely available - as your safety and that of your workmates shouldn't rely on how much disposable income you have but it does cost me and my lovely wife (see photo) some money and time to produce. 

We are currently looking for a major sponsor who is looking to form a long term relationship with the podcast. This will enable to podcast to continue with some measure of certainty and mean better quality sound, better quality questions from having time to research topics more thoroughly and better content.  

Next up on the Conversation we are joined by the softly spoken Brad Green. 


I have been teaching Health and Safety Representatives courses around Australia for 10 years +

Regulators across Australia recommend HSR's keep a diary but to date there has never been a built for purpose HSR diary on the market.

Hoping to give something back to the men and women who give up there time to represent the workers in safety matters we decided to create something to fit the bill.

You can buy it now in softcover.


Dates are open so you can start using one today, or anytime during the year. Look after your HSR's, get them a diary, one for each year of their term of office.

2024 Update

All done. Literally waiting on a promo photo for our last guest then everything is dusted. 

A huge relief and a huge thank you to everyone who has given us support and encouragement. You may never know how much it has meant to us. 

Watch or listen out to special editions. We may have one not too far in the distant future. 

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It's official - The Pod is Great

Health and Safety Conversations made it to the front page of Great Australian Podcast directories and was listed #1 in the Business Category. Thank you everyone who has contributed to this.


The Cast & Crew 
from Season 3

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