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Guest Testiomonials

Nektarios Karanikas

Tom approached me in mid-2022 and invited me to contribute to the Health & Safety Conversations podcast he manages. From the very first lines of Tom’s messages on LinkedIn and emails, I realised he is passionate about OHS with has excellent professional and personal communication skills. Tom hosted me in the 11th episode of the podcast. He was very kind to send me beforehand some topics we would discuss so that I would not get surprised or feel uncomfortable. A great sign of someone who cares about OHS knowledge and experience and not to create an OHS show. During the podcast recording and our discussions, Tom created a friendly and psychologically safe environment. I felt welcome to express my views without fear of judgment. Even further, as I am usually a bit nervous when being recorded, Tom was calm, ensured the logical flow of the questions and helped me to articulate my thoughts clearly. I unreservedly encourage any industry and academic professional to accept Tom’s invitation to discuss with him. You will add another good friend in your OHS network and benefit others too!

Sara Pazell

Health & Safety Conversations with Tom Bourne is as comfortable as a fireside chat among friends. Like me, listeners can be lulled by the dulcet tones of Tom’s welcoming voice, curious nature, and open approach (Tom Bourne, you could coax a confession from the most seasoned and hardened of criminals). The topics are contemporary and the speakers are top in their fields - learn from the mix of the ‘pracademics’. Tom invites enquiry and is open to diverse perspectives, sometimes complementary and sometimes conflicting, but all intended to help elevate the health and safety game.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your content. I find it so thought provoking and current! it's refreshing to have easily accessible, relevant, and entertaining content on Health & Safety!

Good morning Tom, thanks for the connection. Just wanted to say I really resonate with you podcast. As a safety enthusiast I have been searching for a quality podcast that’s offers genuine people their opportunity to speak from their perspectives of the challenges facing the safety community. Keep up the great work mate you’ve definitely got my vote

Dan Casserly

Hi Tom I have recently moved into the safety space and had been on the lookout for a podcast to increase my knowledge, awareness and confidence in this area I found yours and think it great, I've been recommending it to others Please  keep them coming

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